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Rob & Kathy Allen

ROB ALLEN:"She doesn't bark much now and stops, usually when we say sit or no. She listens to me real well outside. Stops and sits when I stop or twitch the leash. She doesn't charge bikes, cars, or people any more. We start out close and I let leash out slowly. She walks ahead and doesn't pull much. If she does start pulling a twich on the leash usually slows her down. She sits at street crossings or when we get to a bridge. Periodically, I pull her back to my side and she walks at my side until I let her roam a little. She has caught on that there are deer out here and finds them regularly before me. Inside she is good, unless she gets excited. She settles quicker though, and then walks herself to the travel crate and goes in without direction. 15 minutes of cool down and out she comes and is calm again. Right now we are having breakfast and she is snoozing on her mat in the corner of the room. Much more patient and not as demanding of attention. When I release her to say hello to people she still stands on her hind legs but doesn't bite anymore. And if I tell her to sit she gets back down. People on the path know not to say, "Hi Penny," until I release her. This is way different than before. She stays well, but is still a puppy, and looses focus sometimes; but, if I say no, sit, stay, she does pretty well. She likes to ride in the second row of seats in my SUV and goes with me on errands, cold weather only--never on hot days. I am going to try to take her in to the pet store. Not sure how that's going to go but I am optimistic! All in all a real pleasure to have around now!!!"
KATHY ALLEN:  "Penny is so delightful now. She still finds her way to trouble but listens to us. She’s the puppy we always wanted."Sent from iPhone


They are great at following commands except for sit, but we are working on that. They listen and are obeying commands. Paige is great at walking beside us and she is starting to understand the other commands that I use, like when it’s bed time she knows to lay down. Paisley is excellent at stop and come, she is getting better at walking with us too but she still wants to stop when she wants to stop. They are so much calmer in the house and the jumping is getting better too. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say but you gave us hope and we are seeing the work you did pay off in a big way!!!


Roxanne Yawn with Khloe, Mini-Goldendoodle

Stop and stay, Khloe does excellent at. We are still working with the "Off!" when she jumps.  She does real good, but we have to constantly remind her.  She also seems more mellow! Also, she has not chewed on anything at all since she came home.  We're amazed!!" 

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